You can also find our teas for sale in and around Baltimore at:

  • Su Casa in Fells Point and Ellicott City (link)

  • Coffee Coffee in Bel Air (link)

  • BWillow in Remington (link)

  • Sonoran Rose Boutique (link)

  • Steadfast Supply (link)

  • John Brown Coffee, General, and Butchery (link)

  • Greedy Reads (link)

  • Roll Ice Cream & Coffee (Link)

  • Seya Wellness (link)

Our tea made to drink:

  • John Brown Coffee (link)

  • Argosy Cafe (link)

  • Coffee Coffee in Bel Air, MD (link)

  • Loch Coffee Co in Midland, MI (link)

  • Roll Ice Cream & Coffee (link)

  • Chez Hugo Bistro (link)

  • Seya Wellness (link)

Online Stockists:

You may have also seen us with/on:

  • RBar (link)
  • WetCity (link)
  • Charm City Craft Mafia (link)
  • B.Willow For The Greater Goods Market (link)
  • American Field DC (link)
  • Muse Monthly (link)
  • SipsBy (link)
  • Baltimore Magazine Holiday Gift Guide (link)
  • CBS Local (link)