Brittany & Joseph Wight

Brittany & Joseph Wight

Hi there!

We are Wight Tea Company, two tea obsessed siblings that share an appreciation for high-quality teas. We have cultivated our passion over the years by creating and sharing our handmade blends with each other. Now we want to share our love and knowledge of tea with you.


Wight Tea Company promises to offer its customers high-quality, delicious teas and bespoke tea blends, curated in Baltimore, MD

We Are Not

  • Licensed medical professionals

  • Licensed herbal practioners

Please consult your doctor about any medical concerns or desired benefits from our tea in combination with your diet.

If you have any food allergies, please consult our blend ingredients. Sip at your own risk. These teas have been produced in a facility that also usese cinnamon, nuts, and other possible food allergens. Please contact us with any concerns you may have prior to purchasing or drinking.