With 7 years difference in age, siblings Brittany and Joseph never had much in common and hardly ever talked. The recession was in full swing when Brittany graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2008. She was struggling to find a job in her field and the bills were coming. Joey must have overheard her crying on the phone to their mom and stepped in to suggest she get a job at a tea shop.

Joey already enjoyed tea; something he shared with his mother and grandmother over dinner on Sundays. His primary objective in his occupational suggestion to his sister was her discount.

Brittany decided to apply and her first day on the job she was hooked. She took learning about tea into her own hands and every time she’d stop at her parents’ house, she’d bring some tea to share. Joey and Brittany drank many pots of tea together around the dining room and table and before they knew it, they had found a friendship.

In 2016, the duo founded Wight Tea Company handcrafting delicious tea blends with unique flavors like Sage Rose White tea, Blueberry Basil Rooibos, and Fireside Fig.